Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tom Cotton needs to be in the Senate

I first heard of Cotton, as I'm guessing most did, when the Club for Growth endorsed him last year. He hasn't wasted anytime in showing why the group was so enthusiastic about him.

Robert Costa of National Review -- who is a great reporter and a must-follow on Twitter -- wrote a terrific article about the Arkansas freshman and Iraq War veteran the other day.
Cotton’s rapid ascent as a charismatic, brainy voice for Steve King’s coalition has surprised several leadership staffers, who had planned for months to use Ryan, one of the chamber’s more popular conservatives, as a means of wooing the right flank toward a modified path to legalization. They didn’t think a mostly unknown freshman would be competing with Ryan for the spotlight, both inside and outside the Capitol. Now, with Cotton regularly slamming immigration reform with the poise of Bill Clinton but the politics of Rush Limbaugh, their calculus has changed.
RealClearPolitics.com also ran a recent profile on Cotton, calling him a "key House voice on immigration reform."

The question is whether Cotton will enter the 2014 Senate race, in which incumbent Mark Pryor is seen as vulnerable. Cotton would fit in very well with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul in the Senate, and I hope he runs.

(In a related note, the Club for Growth made their first 2014 endorsement today, entering the Republican Primary in Idaho-2. I recommend reading why they are endorsing Bryan Smith in the race.)

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