Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Liz Cheney vs. Mike Enzi

The big news today was that Dick Cheney's daughter is, after weeks of speculation, going to challenge incumbent Senator Mike Enzi in the Wyoming Republican Primary.

My view is that Enzi is a basically an average Republican. The biggest priority of the 2014 elections he isn't. But because he's from a very Republican state, I can understand the urge to upgrade from him.

What drives me crazy is the type of thinking exemplified by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post here.

The National Journal can say he's the eight-most conservative senator if they want, but Heritage Action and the Club for Growth -- who are both more influential among conservatives and, you know, knowledgable of what makes someone conservative -- beg to differ. Heritage Action says he's the 23rd most conservative, while CFG says 26th.

His main offense was being a main sponsor of the Internet Sales Tax that passed the Senate earlier this year.

Again, there are bigger priorities than unseating him -- and I'm not entirely sold on Liz Cheney -- but the idea that Enzi has unchallenged conservative credentials needs to be done away with.

(Completely unrelated, but what Paul Pierce did on Tuesday is exactly why Instagram was created.

I don't post many pictures, but I'm on Instagram if you want to follow me there.)

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