Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Newt's schedule in Georgia for the 27th and 28th.

(Posted on Newt50States.com and the Georgia page on that site.)

-- Wednesday, July 27, 2011: Touring the Genesis Shelter. Atlanta, Georgia. 10:00 AM.

-- Wednesday, July 27, 2011: Meeting with phone bank volunteers at Newt 2012 Headquarters. Atlanta, Georgia. 1:00 PM.

-- Wednesday, July 27, 2011: Fulton County GOP Chairman's Council Meeting. Buckhead, Georgia. Event page.

-- Thursday, July 28, 2011: Speaking to the Cartersville Rotary Club. Cartersville, Georgia. 12:00 PM.

-- Thursday, July 28, 2011: Book signing. Marietta, Georgia. Event page.

-- Thursday, July 28, 2011: Anti-tax Townhall and Rally. Marietta, Georgia. Event page.

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