Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Newt 2012 Volunteer's story from Wednesday

In an e-mail exchange, Jim Shinn, who runs a blog, had told me he would be one of the volunteers at the Newt 2012 HQ this week. I had offered to post his story on this blog.

Newt2012HQ already linked to it on Twitter -- writing "First generation American Jim Shinn writes about volunteering for Newt 2012 at his blog" -- but here is the blog post Jim wrote:
Volunteering for Newt 2012 at the HQ

As many might have noticed, I have been posting quite a few excerpts from Newt's new book "A Nation like no Other".

What resonates with me in this book, is that this is the type of message that brought us to America and made us want to be Americans. It is a message that was taught to us in school but haven't heard since leaving childhood, except briefly again with Reagan & then in the Contract with America authored by Newt Gingrich. It is that America that I want to see again which is why I decided to volunteer for Newt Gingrich.

Yesterday was a kickoff for Newt's campaign to reach out to Iowa voters in order to listen to their thoughts and concerns about the upcoming election. Not a call for money. Nor to convince them how to vote. Just genuine concern for their issues, if they've been spoken about or haven't and what they personally think.

A small group of +35 people consisting of a high school student, some employed & some unemployed, small business owners, moms & wifes, as well as lifelong staffers and family members.

Some came from across town and some from as far away as North Carolina. All were volunteers, most all first timers. Yet when I spoke to each, the common themes I heard were how this guy, Newt, is the smartest man in the room wherever he goes and that is what we need for America today. That he had done it before and can do it again.

I would add for me personally that his Historical & Philosophical perspectives, which he bases his solutions upon, are unmatched by any of his declared or undeclared rivals. Especially so versus our Community Event planner who is always on holiday.

The energy in the room was unlike any I've felt before. Even before Newt arrived. Similar to a religious meeting, yet in quite a different way but just as strong. Almost like being at a championship college basketball or football game. People were pumped, they were happy to be there, they were ready to work with Newt.

The phone calling was non-stop. I did not see anyone take a break until Newt arrived. Everyone was on a phone having a great time speaking with people in Iowa. Quite a few lively discussions but always positive. No, not everyone supported Newt but all were impressed that his volunteers were calling to listen to them and their issues.

When Newt did arrive, the room went silent. Unfortunately I had a lively person on the phone and could not break away but I did see him take calls personally. I did get to hear his speech to us which further cemented in our minds why we were working with him and not for him. So unlike the soundbites and popular references that you hear from his rivals.

Afterwards people hit the phones again, inbetween bites of pizza. The room continued to buzz along with lively conversations all around. Camera's were walking around as well, interviewing each and every one of us. And in the end, we all got a one on one with Newt and our pictures taken with him. Truly, a great day had by all.
Here is the link to his blog again and his Twitter account.

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