Friday, July 29, 2011

Newt's e-mail: "A Very Good Week" in advance of Iowa trip

From moments ago:
As I head to Iowa for the weekend, I want to report back to you on a very good week.

At every event in both New Hampshire and Georgia I’ve been asking people to be with me, not just for me, because this election is not about one person in the Oval Office. It is about more than just defeating Barack Obama.

It must be about all of us working together to change Washington. And you can watch our new video, filmed on the road over the past few days, spreading that message.

The good news is that this message is resonating. On Wednesday in Atlanta we had over 30 volunteers calling Iowa voters, but not just to make your traditional sales pitch. As one Atlanta volunteer, Jim Shinn (a first-generation American from Germany) wrote on his blog:

The phone calling was non-stop…Everyone was on a phone having a great time speaking with people in Iowa. Quite a few lively discussions but always positive…All were impressed that his volunteers were calling to listen to them and their issues.

The Marietta Daily Journal in Georgia also wrote a great article covering the range of issues that I talked about with voters at a rally and town hall meeting (You can see our pictures from all these events on Facebook).

If you believe in this message of sustained citizen involvement to change Washington, and want to be with me, not just for me, please consider making a small donation to our campaign, even if it’s just $10 or $25.

Thank you and we’ll be sending more updates soon about exciting new projects that are currently underway.

Your friend,

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