Wednesday, December 7, 2011

North Carolina: Newt 51, Romney 14, Bachmann 8

Link to poll.

Newt's favorability: 73-13%.

15% list Newt as their second choice, second only to Romney at 18, meaning Newt still could move up.

Newt beats Romney by 47 points among very conservative voters and by 17 among moderates.

Newt's worst age group? 18-29. He's "only" at 63-32 with them.

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  1. -To Romney green equals money, to me green is the color of the uniform his son's never wore
    - Romney wants to re-define SS. Great, his son's are millionaires,social security will not effect them
    -The morman churchs' leader is called "president",if Romney wins, the morman church will be president of the US
    -Romneys business skills, he ran a company which was designed to take over struggling companies just to make him more money, collateral damage (layoffs) don't matter, it's all about the money


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