Monday, December 5, 2011

Marist Iowa poll: Newt 26, Romney 18, Paul 17

Newt leads among tea party voters, 32 to 16% for Paul and 13 for Cain.

Newt has the firmest support, even beating Ron Paul (a huge surprise to me).

Gingrich ties Paul on the question who most shares your values.

For those who say electability the most important issue for them, Newt wins 38 to Romney's 25.

By a margin of 36-26, Newt beat Romney on question of who is most experienced to govern.

Newt leads among both men and women.

Gingrich leads in all four regions of Iowa.

He wins both among those making under $75,000 and those making more.

He wins by 17% among Evangelicals.

Here's the link.

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