Friday, October 14, 2011

Read why a member of the Charleston Tea Party is endorsing Newt

Chris Horne wrote on yesterday:
After careful consideration, a lot of prayer and my faith in God’s guidance, I have made my selection for 2012. I choose Newt Gingrich as my candidate and now I’ll tell you why. I honestly do not feel we can afford to take a chance with inexperience at this crucial time in our nation. I’ve looked at many issues such as the economy, job loss, bailouts, earmarks, healthcare and more. I have taken the time to really listen with a discerning ear to each candidate speak, especially in town halls where I can hear more than a 30 second clip and I have considered the character and ability and experience of each candidate to see which one aligns more closely to what I believe is best for my country. There has been no other time I can think of in the history of our country when wisdom and proven leadership ability has been more needed than it is now. I personally do not believe we can afford another disastrous term in the oval office. Newt’s "21st Century Contract for America" does what I’ve wanted from a candidate for years. It lays down a specific plan in black and white exactly what he will do, when he will do it and how he will do it, and in terms I can understand. It provides accountability and speaks to the true effectiveness and qualification of the man.


I found that passion in Newt Gingrich. His love for this country is tangible. You can actually feel his love for this country and for the Lord whenever he speaks. The bottom line is, I believe him. He doesn’t need notes or a teleprompter. He is genuinely concerned about the direction of this country and sincere in his dedication to take her back to her founding principles.
Please go here and read the rest.

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