Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have you checked out the new site?

Yesterday, released their new volunteer site, complete with materials to print out, a downloadable 21st Century Contract with America, and other resources.

Take a look please, and sign up to help out the campaign.

Tonight this was posted on Newt's Facebook wall:
The campaign is spending well within its donation limits, and has not added to its debt. In fact, it has paid off 25% of its debt in a very short period of time. Donations are averaging $76 per donor, and over 500 signed up to volunteer in the last two weeks of September. Newt will be opening headquarters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Caroling this month -- all due to the continued support of grassroots efforts. Thank you to each of you, and please continue your good work! Together we can restore America.

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  1. For the past 3 weeks, newts campaign has called my house everyday. I have hit the 3 button many times to be removed from the call list but to no avail. The calls keep coming every day. I called the number back today and talked to a women named Betty. I gave her my name, number and zipcode that she asked for and said she would put me on the no-call list. So, if they call tomorrow, I am going to put out a citizens arrest on newt for harrassement. I will contact the Chicago Tribune, the Sun Times and the Daily Herald and tell them of the harrassement by your campaign. Don't take me lightly Newt. I WILL do it.


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