Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Newt now third nationally behind Cain and Romney, says @ppppolls

Here is the full poll that Public Policy Polling teased yesterday.

The headline, of course, is that Newt has moved ahead of Perry for third place.

Plenty of other good news: his favorability is 57/30%, which suggests he still has plenty of room to grow in the poll.

PPP writes "there's no doubt Gingrich is the candidate besides Cain who's had the most momentum on their side in the last month. His net favorability has increased 20 points from +7 at 46/39 to +27 at 57/30. And his share of the vote has increased from 10% to 15%. In an extremely fluid field he could yet prove to be a serious contender."

34% of Newt's supporters are "strongly committed," compared to 31% for Romney and 30% for Cain.

Gingrich ranks second among people's second choice. Cain is at 24% and Newt is at 15%. (The fact that Romney is not the second choice of many suggest that he has probably hit his ceiling or come close to it.)

Newt once again shows good numbers across-the-board: 52-34% among moderates, 57-29% among somewhat conservative voters, and 64-24% among very conservative voters.

He draws 15% support from men and 16% from women. (When will the media start reporting on the fact that Newt keeps drawing equal support from the two genders?)

Newt draws nearly equal support from all age groups.

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