Friday, March 4, 2011

Newt on Hannity.

Hey Folks,

About an hour ago Newt Gingrich was speaking to Sean Hannity (Fox News, 9pm ET.)

About to go 2seg's w/ @newtgingrich does he have an announcement? & Giuliani on the Freedom agenda
posted by @seanhannity from Twitter for BlackBerry 1 hour 33 mins ago
Unfortunately no video as of this very moment, but hopefully it'll become available soon. As for what was spoken of, there was some exciting news! I'm not a word-for-word type of guy, but I can give you the points:

  •  Failures of Obama
  • Youth and inexperience quote from Ronald Reagan came up (
  • What he'd do as president for Israel.
  • Information about Soviet Russia and the comparison to Iran.
  • Defeating Iran.
  • Exploratory committee should last at least six weeks, then we'll know. Get out and like him, dammit!

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