Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is the timing right for Newt to get in?

From RealClearPolitics:
Tim Albrecht, the communications director for Republican Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, suggested that Gingrich would be wise to jump in now and seize the political treasures that might be gained from being the most aggressive contender.

'Being the first candidate to announce carries with it a great opportunity to generate a lot of buzz with your entrance,' Albrecht said. 'It effectively means the staring match is over, and somebody blinked.'

Now that a major candidate appears ready to enter the race and begin to more actively seek out the services of aides and activists in Iowa, Albrecht said that his would-be rivals might not want to cede additional ground....

'This is still Iowa, and while some could be tempted to rely on media stories and paid advertising, someone like Newt understands grassroots politics and will work very actively to recruit precinct captains beginning on day one,' Albrecht said.
The last point Albrecht mentions is huge. Getting a strong grassroots organization going will be key.

That is how Barack Obama won Iowa in 2008.

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