Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Latest News: to go live today and Georgia radio interview

The website that will be used to gauge support for a Gingrich run is

And here is a radio interview in which he mentions the website.

From ABC, here is the relevant section of the interview:
'Callista and I promised, as you know, for well over a year that we would make a decision in late February or early March and we have kept our promise,' Gingrich told [Martha] Zoller. 'We will have a Web site up later on today, people can go to it. It’s and it’s an effort to reach out to folks and say if we really want to get back to being a country of American exceptionalism and we really want to create jobs competing with Germany and China and India and we really want to shrink government, get power out of Washington, balance the federal budget and we really want to have a stronger national and homeland security so we’re safer. Lots of folks are going to have to decide if that’s a project they want to be engaged in.'

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