Monday, July 8, 2013

When $100 million is the same as $1 million

The New York Times breathlessly reports that a group funded in part by the dastardly Koch Brothers is spending $1 million on an anti-Obamacare ad campaign.

Meanwhile, Enroll America -- staffed with former Obama White House officials -- is trying to raise $100 million to promote the implementation of the bill. In order to do that, they are hitting up executives in the health care industry -- many of whom stand to gain from the law -- to pitch in.

The exact way HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asked for donations is up for some controversy. She called up companies her and her agency have regulatory authority over in order to -- her words -- "suggest the entities look at the organization [Enroll America]."

Guy Benson: "She 'voluntarily decided not to make fundraising appeals' to companies over which she wields enormous power -- but she did, er, phone them up and 'urge' them to support the cause? How exactly does that work?"

That kind of cozying up of big business and bigger government doesn't have the Times worried, but two private citizens  -- with no stake in the health care industry that I'm aware of -- spending a tiny fraction in comparison is huge news.

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