Monday, July 8, 2013

Positive news for Obamacare (just joking)

Headline from WaPo: "I wish we had one more year:" States are struggling to launch Obamacare on time

From that article:
At a monthly board meeting of Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, members of the standing-room-only crowd got a reminder that they, too, were behind schedule. The insurance marketplace they were working on nights and weekends won’t be completely ready on time. “It is highly complex, it’s unprecedented and it’s not going to be smooth,” Kevin Counihan, chief executive of the state’s exchange, Access Health CT, told the group. That’s why Connecticut — like other states across the country — has lowered the bar, doing what it can in the time it has left before the health-care law’s major programs are launched Oct. 1. Although the states are promising to provide new marketplaces for individuals to compare and buy health insurance plans, the Web portals will be a bare-bones version of what was initially envisioned.
Oregon us implementing this law that is at the breaking-edge of technology and innovation the same way my grandma keeps track of tuna casserole recipes:
How will brokers keep track of potentially thousands of customers in the interim? Cover Oregon’s executive director, Rocky King, suggested that they might use “index cards.”
The Wall Street Journal: "Blows to Health-Care Law Pile Up, Cutting Its Sweep."

From that piece, referencing the latest news surrounding the implementation: "You've got three body blows toward expansion of coverage," said Paul Keckley, executive director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, a research unit of Deloitte LLP. "It's three punches in a row."

A Congressman from my state: "Much like Humpty Dumpty, Obamacare had a great fall and all of King Obama's bureaucrats cannot put it back together again," said Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R., Kan.).

Elsewhere, Michael Cannon of Cato shoots down the idea that the administration can legally delay the employer mandate.

Philip Klein writes on the opening this presents the GOP.

George Will rips the "never mind Presidency" we've seen lately.

Heritage details the "Dirty Dozen Implementation Failures."

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