Thursday, June 27, 2013

Newt Judges You is back!

Wednesday brought some exciting news for Newt, as it was officially announced he would host CNN's "Crossfire."

With him back in the news, the hilarious Tumblr "Newt Judges You," which was shut down after Newt exited the race, will see updates again.

I stumble back across it every couple of months, and when I do, I nearly re-read the entire site.

Here are some of my favorites: Stephanopoulos, debate promisewhen Dan Kotman showed him the site last year, and Biden.

It's written by Ben Domenech, who is very sharp and who writes a daily newsletter, The Transom. I can't recommend it enough. You can subscribe here. (Update, had wrong link earlier.)

Here's a recent piece of his -- a great example of what you get by subscribing -- on religious liberty.

You can follow him on Twitter, @bdomenech.

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