Thursday, June 27, 2013

Acton: Can America Remain the Land of Religious Liberty?

"A few examples of current threats to religious liberty (a partial list) are the HHS Mandate, discrimination against Christians in public schools and universities, new restrictions on Christian adoption agencies, and a New York City ban on churches renting public schools for worship space," writes Ray Nothstine at

Thursday saw a (hopefully not temporary) victory for Hobby Lobby, as the 10th Circuit ruled that during the business' challenge of the HHS mandate, it will not have to pay millions in fines. True victory, of course, will only occur if they and others are allowed to practice business according to their religious beliefs.

(Yesterday, when I linked to The Transom newsletter, I had the wrong address. I put, and it should have been Again, highly recommend subscribing to it.)


Not surprising but still a sad night.

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