Friday, December 2, 2011

Rasmussen poll: Newt 38, Romney 17

Jeffrey H. Anderson writes in The Weekly Standard that the poll "suggests that Gingrich is uniting the Tea Party and establishment wings of the Republican Party. The poll shows that among likely Republican primary voters who do not consider themselves to be members of the Tea Party, Gingrich is winning by 11 percentage points -- 32 to 21 percent (over Romney). Among those who do consider themselves to be members of the Tea Party, he’s winning by 37 points -- 47 to 10 percent (over Romney and Herman Cain). Among those who aren’t sure, he’s winning by 26 points -- 42 to 16 percent (over Romney)."

The Public Policy Polling surveys in Florida and Montana Wednesday showed the same thing -- that Newt is winning both the moderate and tea party vote. Nobody -- not Romney, not Perry, etc. -- has done that this year.

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