Wednesday, November 30, 2011

South Carolina

The town hall Monday night was, according to a Charleston paper, "the biggest local event so far in the 2012 election cycle."

Tuesday saw another office open, this one in Bluffton. About 200 people attended the opening. 1000 were at a an outside town hall in Old Town Bluffton. Another 500 attended an evening event at Newberry Opera House.

James Epley, who is the campaign's volunteer chairman in Beauford County, told the Washington Post: “I’ve been with him here all over the state. Everywhere we go, even with people leaning to another candidate, he wins them over.”

"Gingrich, according to voters Patch talked to in recent days, is winning support by pushing many conservative causes, questioning assumptions and sending a positive message that includes hope for the country," writes Lindsay Street.

"Newt Gingrich’s harsh rhetoric against President Obama, mischievous nature, and fervent embrace of Americanism and American exceptionalism fit South Carolina’s political climate to a tee," wrote Tony Lee of Human Events.

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