Thursday, October 6, 2011

Recap of Newt's Wednesday in South Carolina

Newt had a full day in South Carolina yesterday, having breakfast with supporters before heading to a town hall and then a screening of A City Upon a Hill.

Some pictures from the breakfast at Lizard's Thicket:



Those were from Jacob Hawkins of Newt's campaign, and the two below are from Sara Krisnow, who was attending the breakfast:



Owly Images

Then it was on to the town hall in Sun City. It was standing room only -- 550 attended and 200 had to be turned away.

South Carolina state senator Tom Davis introduced Newt, and he tweeted:
Just introduced Newt Gingrich to SRO-crowd at Magnolia Hall in Sun City Hilton Head and he is now holding them all in thrall -- me included.
Adam Waldeck, Newt's Coalitions Director, took these two pictures:

Link to second picture.

Anna Haberlein of Gingrich Productions shot this:

Fantastic day -- great, great crowd and praise from an important voice in the state.

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