Monday, October 3, 2011

More good polling news, from West Virginia and Nebraska (and North Carolina)

(Update: since I first published this, Public Policy Polling has released the headline numbers from their North Carolina poll. Newt is tied for second in the Tar Heel State.)

West Virginia and Nebraska, of course, are not going to be early primary states, but I think today's bit of polling news from Public Policy Polling is important.

What they found is that Newt is in second place in both states (WV link and NE link), trailing Herman Cain in both, and just as importantly, his favorability numbers are moving up.

PPP on Twitter:
Favorabilities with WV Republicans: Christie +43, Bachmann +25, Gingrich +24, Romney +15, Perry +13, Paul -20
Favorabilities with Nebraska Republicans: Christie +25, Gingrich +17, Bachmann +13, Romney +11, Perry even, Paul -21
They note Perry's collapse: his favorability among West Virginia Republicans was 52/9 a month ago. Today, it's 38/25.

None of this, of course, is final. But it means Newt is catching on, and when the new polls from Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina come out, they are most likely going to reflect his upward movement.

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