Thursday, September 22, 2011

What they tweeted about Newt during tonight's #gopdebate

Katy Abram, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 912 Founder (and the woman who confronted Arlen Specter at town hall meeting over Obamacare):
Newt totally rocked the unemployment question #gopdebate
Drew Cline, New Hampshire Union Leader Editorial Page Editor:
Newt with best answer so far. Actually, Newt with only direct answer so far. #gopdebate
Fellow Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer:
Newt is correct. Unemployment benefits must be tied to work or work training.
Matt Lewis, Senior contributor at The Daily Caller:
Good answer from Newt!
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of
.@newtgingrich steals the show again!
Emily Miller, Senior Editor of The Washington Times opinion pages:
Tom, Newt is the MASTER of debates. He's an artist.
Guy Benson, Political Editor:
Newt brings the house down.
Jedediah Bila, author and columnist:
Newt puts the focus back on school choice. Great point.
Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation:
Gingrich has the best school plan out there. #teapartynation #gopdebate #gop2012 #tcot
Alan Gable:
Newt just went Reggie Jackson on this thing. 3 homeruns in the same night. @newtgingrich
Eric E. Harrison:
Meanwhile I continue to get excited every time Newt gets asked a question. He offers best articulation of conservatism of any candidate.
Sarah Rumpf, Florida blogger:
And once again @newtgingrich is the smartest man in the room. #FloridaP5 #gopdebate
Dennis Ross, U.S. Representative (FL-12):
Very true. RT @JedediahBila: .@newtgingrich has consistently brought specifics to these debates. Glad he's in there speaking his mind.
Pamela Engstrom, Tea Party Leader in Dallas:
@Newt2012HQ @newtgingrich Newt is on fire tonight. Highly intelligent answers show vast experience.
Alexandra Moe of NBC News:
Gingrich gets loud applause: Nothing will turn America around more than when Barack Obama loses on election night decisively #gopdebate
New York Post Editorial Board:
Newt gets biggest applause of night; "Fastest way of turning America around is when Barack Obama is defeated decisively." #gopdebate
Rod D. Martin, President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies:
Megyn right: Newt most statesmanlike, got off most statesmanlike moment. #gopdebate #teaparty #tcot
Larry Sabato, Director of University of Virginia Center for Politics:
This professor's grades: Romney B+, Newt B+, Cain B, Johnson C+, Perry C,Huntsman C, Paul C, Bachmann C-. No A student.

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