Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Newt's campaign: "we’ve seen spikes in volunteers and donations"

From a pretty positive piece from RealClearPolitics:
Gingrich’s campaign is set to branch out and expand where it matters. Aides plan to open offices in Iowa and New Hampshire in mid-October and will move field staffers to both early voting states.

The campaign says that it has been inundated with encouragement and offers of support on the heels of the candidate’s recent debate performances.


"We continue to have a functional operation that was able to operate more effectively and efficiently financially," said Gingrich spokesperson R.C. Hammond. "Through the debate successes, we've seen spikes in volunteers and donations, so the resources exist for the campaign to function quite nicely."

Longtime Republican media consultant Lionel Sosa has been brought on to help with outreach to the Hispanic community


"The contrast that Newt wants the American people to see is his capacity and record as a leader versus Barack Obama’s capacity as a leader," Hammond said. "He will show the American people, 'I've led at a time when you’ve had to have one end of the government working with the other end of government. You couldn’t just speak from the bully pulpit. You had to go to the other side and figure out how to do it.' "

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