Thursday, August 18, 2011

What are Newt supporters saying?

Here is a great article by Justin Gray (here is his Twitter account).

Please read the whole thing, but here is his conclusion:
In the final analysis, it is imperative for the GOP Presidential Nominee to be a solid Conservative who can win the general election and successfully return America to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers envisioned. To unravel the top-down, authoritarian, freedom strangling policies the hard Left has implemented. The importance of the 2012 election cannot be overstated nor who we choose as our Republican nominee. Newt Gingrich is the Great Debater and master tactician with a solid record of Conservative achievement who has been thoroughly vetted on a national level. For these reasons and many more I hope you will join me by rallying around Newt Gingrich in the primary process and ultimately as the next President of the United States.
I received this e-mail earlier today from Will Wade (here he is on Twitter):
While listening to the intelligent and meaningful discussion from the callers and Newt Gingrich regarding Lean Six Sigma and the need for its implementation to make our Government efficient and cost effective, I have this thought that could be the "battle cry" to all American's - 'Necessity is the mother of invention.' The time is now in our nation’s history to act. We can no longer just know that we need to make this correction we must DO this corrective action! We must demand our representatives make this change and start the process 9/1/2011. I am no expert on this process but I am willing to be a part of this solution. Furthermore, many companies are making this change (to some degree) to survive and families are even making these changes to survive out of necessity.

In the structure of our government we have the problem of there being the spirit and mentality that "it is everyone's job, then it becomes nobody's job". We need clear vision and as one caller said- "this needs to come from the top!"

I am with Newt on this and I believe that you should be with him too!

Ready and willing to act,

Will Wade
Dawsonville, GA USA

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