Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another quote from Will Wade

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As a career community banker since 1998 I have always been aware of regulation, the role of the Federal Government and the importance of being involved in the process.

After the Iowa debate, I am now purposely engaged. I spent the evening truly listening to each candidate trying to determine which candidate is focused and ready to lead on true job recovery, to lead on sound short-term and long-term economic policy which will allow small business to thrive again. I watched looking for the best candidate to lead with real ideas about giving back authority to the states and local government, to lead in giving back freedom to individuals and communities to thrive on their own, and to lead by intently working on removing bad legislation like Dodd-Frank and Obama Care.

I feel that each candidate provides many great qualities to the political process and no doubt will serve this nation much better than our current President. That being said, I must say that Newt Gingrich stood out as the strongest candidate on the most critical issues facing our country today! I know that he will be the most concise and articulate leader to debate Obama for the Presidency. His leadership on States Rights, repealing Dodd-Frank and "Obama-Care," and actual experience on balancing the federal budget are just a few of the reasons that I feel confident that the GOP can not only take back the executive branch but also work to continue the gains in both houses of our legislative branch.

Newt Gingrich has the experience, the knowledge and the willingness to not only include "We the People" but to be with "We the People!"


William S. Wade

Dawsonville, Ga USA
(For those who just read the daily e-mail, I forgot to properly format a post from yesterday that had pictures from Newt campaigning. Here is the link to the post.)

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