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Newt's Thursday in Iowa

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Thursday, Newt started the day speaking to an audience of fifty at the Cedar Rapids Country Club. In it, he continued his call to repeal the Dodd-Frank bill and other job-killing government actions. “You have a government whose attitude towards business is, at best, destructive. You have policies of regulatory overkill. You have threats of the cost of health care," quotes Gingrich as saying.

Jason Clayworth of The Des-Moines Register wrote: "Gingrich said the act [Dodd-Frank] 'is an overwhelming requirement for local small banks, unfairly inhibiting growth of small firms and driving down the price of housing.'

"The crowd applauded loudly when he advocated the act be repealed."

From Hannah Hess:
The substance of the former speaker’s resume, which in addition to Congress includes writing more than 20 books and gaining stature as a public speaker and historian, impressed 63-year-old Cedar Rapids farmer Dwight Hughes.

"He understands history. He understands politics. He understands business. He’s an excellent communicator. He has a vision," Hughes said. "I mean he has the whole package."

As the owner of Hughes Nursery and Landscape, Hughes said looks for a candidate who understands private enterprise.

"We don't need a whole lot of government intervention. The more that government comes in and puts in restrictions and rules and setbacks, more policies and procedures, it just holds back private enterprise," Hughes said. "In my view, nothing happens in America until somebody sells something -- until there’s commerce. And without commerce, you don’t have any tax money."
Here is a slideshow that put together of the event.

Alexandra Moe of NBC News took this picture of the event:
Alex Moe's photo @newtgingrich attends a Linn Eagles luncheon in Cedar Rapids #Iowa #decision2010
Alex Moe on WhoSay

From The Quad-City Times:
He’s the only candidate in the racer who has been working with the military since 1979, Gingrich said, the only one who has created two Republican congressional majorities, who authored the Contract with America, balanced a budget for four years, passed tax cuts that lead to job creation and lower unemployment.

"I’m trying to run an adult campaign with an adult conversation," Gingrich told about 50 members of the Linn Eagles, a GOP fundraising group, at a luncheon at the Cedar Rapids Country Club.

Dan Seufferlein, a Cedar Rapids attorney, appreciates that approach.

"He’s engaging voters with his solutions...he's treating us as if we are adults," said Seufferlein, who introduced Gingrich.

Gingrich’s solutions are his appeal, added Dean Rothchild of Cedar Rapids.

"He has a record of accomplishments," said Rothchild, who said that if he goes to the straw poll he’ll "probably mark down Gingrich’s name."

Later that night, Newt attended a lawn party in Des Moines. Even though it was in the rain, there was still about 80 people attending.

Alexandra Moe tweeted during the event:
@newtgingrich: "We will have a contract with America if I am the nominee" #decision2012

She took these two pictures:
Alex Moe's photo @newtgingrich about to speak in Des Moines #Iowa outside despite the rainy weather #descision2012
Alex Moe on WhoSay

Alex Moe's photo @newtgingrich speaking in Des Moines #Iowa in the rainy weather: "I'm not going to ask you to be for me but to be with me" #decision2012
Alex Moe on WhoSay

Jeremy Danilson, the President of the Drake Law Republicans, took these pictures:

Getting introduced by his Iowa Finance Co-Chair Greg Ganske:
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Sharing his solutions.
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Talking to the media.
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After the event.
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