Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Newt supporter tells his story of being in Marietta this past week

Bryan Jacoutot -- BJacoutot on Twitter -- wrote about his experience seeing Newt 2012 up close this last week. I will quote a few parts from his article, which can be found here. (The whole thing is worth reading.)

Gingrich and I agree almost exactly on how to address the issue of immigration reform in this country. I think that at this point, it should be abundantly clear that neither a policy of mass deportation, nor mass amnesty is any sort of real fix to the problem.


“I think it has to be taken one step at a time,” Gingrich said. “Today if you’re trying to be here legally and some of you have friends who have been through this, it takes longer and is more expensive and you have to have a lawyer to deal with the state department, so it’s actually cheaper to hire a coyote to sneak into the country than it is to pay your legal fees to get into the country legally. That’s really dumb.” He also advocated for an intermediate step to legality without citizenship for illegal residents who have been here for a number of years. He argued that this “legal status” would get them out of “the grey zone” but not allow them easier access to citizenship than someone who has been waiting patiently across the border to come here legally.

What went largely unnoticed by the onlookers in Marietta this past Thursday was Gingrich’s reference to the highly touted business technique known as Lean Sigma. Gingrich himself only briefly mentioned it as part of his plan to help reduce government waste but the term stuck out to me as a person who has heard his father mention it on a number of occasions at the dinner table in dealing with his business. In a White Paper released by the University at Buffalo Center for Industrial Effectiveness, Lean Sigma is outlined and its successful implementation by the government of Eerie County, New York is highlighted. In a nutshell, Lean Sigma focuses on using facts, data, and statistical analysis to observe trends in all sorts of aspects of our day to day life, aspects that can include the execution of government. With the implementation of a “Lean Sigma based mentality” to how we operate our federal government, the amount of taxpayer dollars that can be saved by preventing governmental waste would be astronomical. This, however, requires taking a business minded approach when dealing with the government, a blend that Gingirch is well suited for following his many successful business ventures since his time as Speaker of the House. A successful application of Lean Sigma to the federal government could earn savings that would considerably dwarf any of the potential plans that our law makers attempting to balance the budget currently have out.

Ultimately, this is where Newt Gingrich separates himself from every other candidate in the running for the office of the President. I’ve mentioned this in earlier posts but it continues to hold true. His speeches aren’t wasted on rhetoric or conjecture. Rather, in a short time, he communicates brilliant ideas, and more importantly, workable plans for those ideas that are backed up both by experiential and learned knowledge. In electing any other candidate, we take a chance because we have no way of knowing if their ideas and rhetoric are backed up by substantive plans for execution. If you ask Gingrich about a campaign issue, he doesn’t stop at telling you what the problem is, he follows up with six ways on how to go about fixing it.
Well, I tried to only quote some of it -- ended up quoting a lot because it really gets the point across. Here is the link for the full article again. And here his Twitter account once again.

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