Sunday, August 21, 2011

Newt 2012 has seen "an uptick" in donations since Ames Debate

Rebutting those who say Newt is not serious about raising money, Politico did a story in the middle of last week in which they quote Newt's spokesman R.C. Hammond: "[Newt] spends a lot of his days -- six or seven hours -- on the phone, goes to dinner, then goes into an evening session."

"Gingrich's campaign says he’s been on a circuit of unpublicized, intimate house parties," writes Kendra Marr.

"Small gatherings in people’s homes is low overhead on our end. Hearing Newt talk, explaining what he’ll do for the country -- it’s much more effective," Hammond said.

Marr: "His campaign says he recently saw an uptick in online contributions after the Republican primary debate in Iowa, where his criticisms of the supercommittee and the media drew the biggest applause of the night."

I don't ask for contributions to Newt's campaign often, but please go to and give what you can.

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