Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Gingrich Enlists Six Sigma Army."

(This is another story that has been pushed back. It was written the day after Newt's conference call on Lean Six Sigma, which I recapped here.)

From Lori Piotrowski:
On a teleconference call to hundreds of devoted practitioners of LSS, Gingrich sounded the clarion call.

He was hoping to galvanize Six Sigma users to help him educate the public.

“This hasn’t been presented to the American public,” and until they recognize what Six Sigma policies can do, they won’t ask for it.

"Give a speech to your Rotary Club, write a letter to the editor, give a tour of a Six Sigma facility to elected officials," he suggested.

Gingrich has been a follower of the Six Sigma management system for many years


Gingrich singled out the civil service and regulatory system as two examples of government waste. The civil service has a history of 130 years, and it is entrenched in the government, he added. "This is a fundamental change, and it won't be easy to do."

As Gingrich took calls from listeners, a general contractor from South Carolina talked about the amount of waste she sees in the multiple layers of management and asked what she could do to help.

Gingrich suggested that she write down the issues that she sees and send them to him. He is forming a committee to start looking at issues and begin to formulate a response.

"You don’t need to provide the answer to the problem. We start by looking at systems that will work rather than focusing on what is not," he emphasized.

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