Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of tonight's debate

As I said on Facebook after the debate: Game on.

Newt really was impressive on a number of questions:

When asked about right-to-work states, Newt both brought up the fact that states that do no have forced unionism have lower unemployment and better economies, as well as the abuse by the National Labor Relations board in South Carolina.

When NASA was brought up, Newt called for a decentralized effort to explore space to reduce the bureaucratic stagnation the agency has become known for.

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On national security, Newt castigated our intelligence efforts for not knowing nearly enough about, among other things, the Libyan rebels. He brought up the Times Square Bomber -- who had pledged allegiance to the United States -- who told the judge in his case that he lied because the U.S. was his enemy.

On immigration, he called for everyone to reject the simplistic argument of complete open borders and amnesty on the one hand or kick out each and every illegal immigrant on the other.

One concern of mine was that Newt might not have the ability to answer in 30 seconds -- but those concerns seemed to go out the window tonight. He was sharp, and even some of his recent critics on the right were very impressed.

Game on.

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