Friday, May 6, 2011

Newt's new campaign manager's views on social media

From an article a month before the 2010 election, when Rob Johnson was Rick Perry's campaign manager:
Campaign staffers and Perry himself are quick to point out that the governor's not exactly hurting for name recognition. So instead of plastering the state with Perry's name on stickers and yard signs, says campaign manager Rob Johnson, the staff is leaning heavily on the new online tools.

"We don't have paid headquarters in towns across the state," Johnson said. "We don't have physical offices. We don't do any of those annoying auto-dialers. We're depending completely, entirely, on social networks and personal contact, rather than the traditional way of doing things that most people say you have to do to win campaigns. (The governor) has embraced this technology and embraced these social platforms. We follow his lead."

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