Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Newt to hold two public events in Iowa on May 20

Newt had already been scheduled to headline an Ida County Republican Party fundraiser May 20. Now he will be speaking in front of the Great Plains Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition at noon that day. The event is free to RJC members. For everyone else, admission is $20.

Bret Hayworth writes of the Ida County event: "A private, more expensive reception for Trunk & Tusk (GOP elephant, get it?) members will occur in the home of Ida County GOP Central Committee member Mark Leonard prior to the main fundraiser. Leonard is enthused to land Gingrich for the event, noting he was instrumental in the 1994 Republican Revolution that through the Contract With America brought the House back under Republican control."

"Gingrich will also speak in July in the area, when he’ll be the Presidential Lecture Series guest for The Family Leader at Dordt College," Hayworth said. The lecture will be July 11.

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