Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newt to New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board: Final decision "four to five weeks" away

Gingrich also discussed his reputation as the best ideas man in the Republican Party and perhaps in either party:
While often "attacked for a lot of other things," he said, "if you go out around the country and ask, 'Who do you think will generate the largest number of solutions to our problems?' I think there is a pretty general consensus that I have a reasonable likelihood of being that person.''
Poking fun at President Obama's NCAA brackets, he declared:
"I want to confess up front," said Gingrich, "Obama knows vastly more about basketball than I do. I know more about job creation, energy, national security, controlling the border, balancing the budget and controlling spending, and you decide which characteristic is more important in a President."
He also reiterated an "all-the-above" energy plan, including drilling for oil and nuclear power.

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