Friday, March 25, 2011

More news on Gingrich's executive order proposals: "Maybe as many as 150 to 200 of them" on first day of Presidency

Politico reports of Newt's speech at the Pastors' Policy Briefing in Iowa Friday:
The former House Speaker said that after the inaugural address, there's a break before the traditional lunch — an opportunity for a newly-elected president to get right to work.

“Walk into a room, have all the documents already prepared, already on the Internet, already reviewed by the American people, already written by people who were in the Bush and Reagan White Houses, so they’re all technically correct,” he told the audience. “And just sign as fast as you can.”

Gingrich called for abolishing the Ninth Circuit Court, which he sees as part of an activist judiciary, abolishing all “czars” created by the Obama administration and ensuring no American money pays for abortion (the Constitution specifically gives Congress the power to "ordain and establish" lower courts).

“This is not hyperbole,” he said.
Three weeks ago Newt included in his executive order proposals allowing Israel to choose the site at which the United States would put its' embassy. (Currently, Israel is the only country we do not allow to choose.)

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