Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newt's decision will likely be the first week of May

When discussing his strategy for a potential campaign in front of the Foster's Daily Democrat, a New Hampshire newspaper, Newt gave one of his favorite quotes: "First, you win the argument. Then, you win the vote." It is from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

"The challenges we're facing are enormous. If you want to compete with China and India economically, you probably have to reform litigation, regulation, taxation, education, health, energy and infrastructure."
"We need new ways of thinking, and I'd emphasize it's not Newt Gingrich's solutions. We want to use a participatory model for public policy development in a way that would be very bold and very different."
That last idea would seemingly be modeled after the Solutions Lab that Newt created at American Solutions, where anyone can submit their own policy ideas.

Reporter Jennifer Keefe:
[Gingrich] cited a statistic stating 45 percent of black teenagers were unemployed in January nationally.

"That should sober every American," he said. "That's setting up social problems and difficulties that are just tragic."
From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich hopes to raise $30 million for the primaries, his advisers say.
The article lists the goal of Mitt Romney at $50 million, Haley Barbour at $55 million, and Tim Pawlenty at $25.

It seems like Barbour's camp is not trying to manage expectations. That is not to say Barbour could not reach that figure, however. He is famed for being a great fundraiser, even enjoying it.

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