Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Obama Administration says President Jindal or Walker can ignore Obamacare

Not exactly, of course, but if the employer mandate can be delayed by executive fiat, why not the entire bill in January 2017?

Aside from being another sign of how ham-handed the writing of Obamacare was, getting more people to buy their own insurance -- and not getting it through their employers -- is a good thing. Conservatives have long argued for that.

"If the employer mandate were to ultimately be repealed, or never implemented, today’s news may turn out to be one of the most significant developments in health care policy in recent memory," Avik Roy writes.

This also has implications for the immigration bill. Why should any House Republican believe President Obama will enforce a bill as it is written? He could -- and would -- just ignore the part(s) he doesn't like.

(Update: A theory from Scott Gottlieb on why the delay was announced:
The Obama team’s stated purpose seems superficial. It’s doubtful that reporting requirements alone drove this decision. If it was just a problem with reporting requirements, some of those provisions could have been delayed without nixing the entire provision. Perhaps the administration was seeing the effects of the insurance requirement on new hiring. Perhaps they’re staring at a bad jobs report later this week.

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