Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big day for Newt.org

After the news of Rick Santorum dropping out of the race surfaced, Newt.org was overwhelmed with traffic and crashed.

Within hours, Vincent Harris, who is on Newt's digital team, tweeted that "Might be a record day at newt.org in terms of donations.....2nd to SC perhaps"

How Santorum leaving will affect the race is not entirely clear to me. While his voters are more in line with Newt on the issues, some may fall in line and support Romney.

One thing for sure is that the move will not change the delegate math -- but that ship sailed a while ago. Newt has no path before the convention, but should he now win, say, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, and a few other states, it becomes a real argument in Tampa.

Combining that kind of momentum with another gaffe -- or two -- by Romney and/or his campaign, and suddenly Newt would have a real shot at the nomination.

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