Friday, March 16, 2012

Gallup: Newt's voters would split evenly among Romney and Santorum

Gallup has the latest evidence that, contrary to Senator Santorum's talking point, if Newt was to leave the race, it would only help Romney.

I've already quoted Newt and others who have said that if it was just Romney versus Santorum, Romney's money would sink Santorum since there would only be one target.

What Gallup found is that when asked who their second choice was, those voters who are supporting Newt would split their votes -- with 40% going to Romney and 39% to Santorum.

What that means is that Romney would get many more delegates much more faster, and would almost assuredly get to the magic number of 1,144. As it stands, he is being held to ~30% in the polls (and roughly the same percentage of delegates.)

That road to 1,144 is much, much tougher.

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