Thursday, June 9, 2011

What now?

So, as most everyone probably knows, a large chunk of Newt's campaign quit Thursday.

The top reasons given: the recent vacation Newt and Callista took and the lack of trips to Iowa in June.

Both are those explanations are reasonable. Dick Morris, however, says the reason is that his staffers were not comfortable with an campaign based so heavily on ideology. (Pet peeve: it is wrong to describe conservatism as an idelogy.) If that is true, it speaks very low of the staffers. And makes you wonder what they thought they were getting into with Newt, who is known as the ideas man of the GOP.

Getting past that: can he still win?

As some have wrote, John McCain was in a lower spot in the summer of 2007 when a lot of his staff quit and he famously had to resort to carrying his own luggage in airports.

His campaign was left for dead.

But through his ability to win over voters at town hall meetings, he cane storming back to win New Hampshire and South Carolina -- and the nomination.

If Newt can win the debates, he can pull a similar trick. With Romney officially saying he will not participate in the Ames Straw Poll in August -- basically writing off Iowa when combined with his other statements -- Newt has even a better chance to be in the top two in Iowa.

Regardless, I am with Newt.


  1. I've got an article I'll be writing once my blog is back up. But, frankly - I think there is a better chance of Romney V. Obama and us winning than Newt V. Obama and us winning. In theory, he's a great guy - but I'm unsure about him as a president. What I would love is a full and true conservative, like Rick Perry or Tim Pawlenty; perhaps even Herman Cain. We'll have to see though, I'd vote for virtually anyone over him. P.S. Is it a shame I'm warming up to Gary Johnson?

  2. Do we 'win' with Romney? I am sticking with Newt, but if it doesn't work, Romney will just about be my last choice.


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