Friday, June 3, 2011

Ralph Reed: Newt was the only one to show up at FFC last year

There has been some criticism of Newt because he is the only 2012 GOP Presidential contender who will not be in person at this weekend's second annual Faith & Freedom Coalition (FFC) Conference. (He will send a video message.) The reason is that Newt had long scheduled a vacation this weekend, but it has not stopped some from blasting him over it.

However, the head of FFC, Ralph Reed, had this to say when asked about Gingrich's absence:
“Newt was the only one of all these candidates who was here last year....Newt was at the first conference and he’s a dear friend. He would’ve been here if he could’ve been.”
Now, in my opinion, it says more about a person to show up at an event -- helping launch a new group at that -- when they are not seeking office than to only show up when they are looking for votes.

Newt was at a Faith & Freedom Coalition meeting back in March:


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