Monday, May 16, 2011

Some of the highlights of Club for Growth's report on Newt

Club for Growth, whose negative White Paper on Mike Huckabee three years ago gave the former Arkansas Governor a lot of bad press, released their first paper this cycle today. Newt was the subject.

From the White Paper: "Gingrich can be one of the most clear-eyed and forceful advocates for supply-side economics and the value of free enterprise." They criticize him about his support of some tax credits, but as they note, there is not going to be any Presidential candidate -- especially a serious one -- who does not.

Club for Growth: "In a 2008 op-ed, he enthusiastically praised the idea of an optional, single-rate income tax reform proposal." The report does not say it, but last week Newt included an optional, 15% flat tax in his 9 point "Gingrich Jobs and Prosperity Plan."

The Club commends Newt on, among other things, free trade, wanting the repeal of Sarbanes-Oxley and many other burdensome regulations, personalizing Social Security, school choice, tort reform, and political free speech.

The report's summary states:
One could reasonably expect a President Gingrich to lead America in a pro-growth and limited government direction generally, possibly with flashes of real brilliance and accomplishment, but also likely with some serious disappointments and unevenness.
Of course, the same can be said of every political leader, even Ronald Reagan, who irked many conservatives over his two terms in office -- including a young Newt Gingrich.

No one is able to get 100% of the policies they want. Ronald Reagan's philosophy was to get 70% of what he wanted, then once people saw how well it worked, he would get the remaining 30%.

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