Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More on Newt's strategy; will compete everywhere and for every voter

Jonathan Martin of Politico has some details about Newt's campaign strategy:
Unlike some of his likely rivals, who are looking to downplay or even flat out skip some states on the primary calendar, Gingrich is headed down a different path, a more traditional route in which he will compete aggressively across the early-state map and among all blocs within the party.


Gingrich officials say their effort will be bigger than any one state and look dramatically different than any other campaign.


Said another Gingrich adviser: “Newt’s a national candidate. He has a national brand. He’s a national leader.”


They want to use technology not only to engage their local supporters but to empower them.

“We want to invite people to participate and be a part of the campaign instead of just having some stale, boring ‘here’s where Newt is tomorrow,’” a Gingrich strategist said.

Though a historian by training, the former speaker has always been something of a futurist, fascinated by the latest technology and next trends on the horizon.

That’s partly why he’s signed up Carney and campaign manager Rob Johnson, both of whom were top advisers to Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Partly informed by social science experimentation in Perry’s 2006 reelection campaign, the governor’s 2010 campaign didn’t spend money on direct mail, paid phone calls, lawn signs or newspaper ads.

Gingrich won’t necessarily follow suit, but he emphatically says he wants to wage a different sort of campaign.


“Anyone right of center is a target,” [New Hampshire consultant Dave] Carney said, when asked who Gingrich’s voters are. “Serious candidates are going to have compete everywhere.”

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