Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Romney up in New Hampshire but could drop as more people find out about RomneyCare

Due to being a former Governor of a nearby state and a 2008 Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has a commanding lead in New Hampshire, says a round of Public Policy Polling (PPP) surveys.

But PPP finds that 61% of New Hampshire GOP Primary voters would not support a candidate "who supported a health insurance mandate at the state level" -- which is exactly what Romney did. Over the next few months, as more and more become aware of that fact, Romney figures to drop in the polls.

And even if holds onto the lead, it may not be enough. Romney, as I noted a few days ago, is banking on just staying relevant in Iowa and South Carolina, not actually winning. That strategy could only work if Romney scores a big victory in the Granite State, not by just a few points.

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