Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Hits

-- Newt was a featured speaker at the Wild Irish Breakfast Thursday on St. Patrick's Day.

-- At a later event Thursday: "If we find enough volunteer support and enough financial support, we'll almost certainly run," he told reporters at a luncheon of the Boys & Girls Club in Salem. "We're in the process of assessing that now," he said, adding: "So far in New Hampshire, it's been a good day."

-- US News & World Report: "Moreover, Gingrich preserves an army of loyalists who worked for or with him during his time in office. One former Gingrich staffer recently informed me that "we’re around, we’re active, and we’re ready."

-- The State Column: "Mr. Gingrich will meet with the 87-strong GOP freshman class March 31 in the Longworth House Office Building. The meeting with take place just days before a continuing resolution is set to expire."

That meeting was scheduled by Austin Scott (R-GA), who was endorsed by Newt's PAC last year.

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