Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Thank You For Helping Cut Taxes"

In a two-minute video sent out in an e-mail, titled "Thank You for Helping Cut Taxes," Newt talks about the role that American Solutions played in the mid-term elections and the debate over the Bush tax cuts.
Some notable points:

  • American Solutions hosted seven Real Jobs summits that involved "over 5,500 people."
  • Also hosted ten Jobs rallies, "where thousands of people came together all over the country."
  • "[W]ith your help at, we organized over 10,000 activists who went out and turned out the vote."
  • He highlights the temporary two-percent payroll tax cut, "so that every working American will have an increased take-home pay, which is a position that first appeared at American Solutions and was championed by Congressman Jordan in his Economic Freedom Act, which American Solutions worked for."
  • He closes the video with: "So you are making a difference. You have made a difference. And we'll continue to work with you in 2011 to continue making a difference."

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